GM Environments

From early 1988 the company became involved in site restoration and walking track works as a result of our commitment to retaining and restoring our natural environment as a balance to the built environment.
Projects undertaken since this time have ranged over a variety of works.
We understand the need to tread lightly on sites and undertake a multi disciplinary approach to get a sustainable solution.
We also recognise the need to get closely involved with all the stakeholders on sites to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Our projects include –

New walking tracks in sensitive bushland areas.
Rehabilitation of existing walking tracks,
Riparian zone restoration
Creek and watercourse restoration.
Seed collection, propagation and revegetation
Contaminated site remediation.
Dune restoration

The skills required to undertake these projects have involve a combination of bush regeneration, sensitive civil works, revegetation and traditional landscape skills all contained within our company. Material and techniques are aligned to site conditions

Our clients have included both government and private whose projects require the skills and practical experience gained from our 25 years of implementing and assessing rehabilitation and bushland sites and adherence to strict environmental guidelines.

Our experience and understanding of environmental sustainability principles enables us to offer a level of implementation to also complete works on schedule and within budget.

We prepare and implement Site specific Environmental Management Plans and maintain strict adherence to WHS requirements. See our details for accreditations.

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